Dave Horst Fishing Guide Service – Testimonials

Dave Horst Fishing Guide Service – Testimonials

I’ve owned boats all my life but never really did great when it came to fishing Castaic and Pyramid. These lake can be tough, especially if your time is limited. I ran across Dave’s guide service and decided to give him a shot after seeing tons of reports from his successful days. This guy is the real deal when it comes to these lakes. I highly recommend one of his shad or crawdad trips if you want to learn how to catch some serious fish. Dave is an animal and stops for nothing to get you bit. He’ll show you how it’s done so you can go out on your own boat and do it too. As conditions and the seasons change, it keeps you wanting to go back to him for more.

Dave Horst Fishing Guide Service

Joey Horvath
Get Bent Sportfishing

 I like your style. It’s what my grandfather instilled in me about being a good sportsman. My son Brian and I have meet you on the lake and have enjoyed our visits. We have the old red ranger bass boat.This next year we plan to book a trip or two.

Have fun and keep enjoying life.

Gary Baker